Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Status on Cal props 2004

This link is to a news story that details where several of the california props stand amoung voters.
I'm glad to see a lot of support for Prop 66 (Limitation of the Three Strikes law) and Prop 71 (Stem Cell research funding). These are the only two measures on the ballot for which I am voting yes. For short details, see my California Propositions blog entry.

-Please vote no on Props 60 and 62. Both of these props are attempts to undermind the primary process for Political Parties, allowing voting sabotage from opponents. This would essentially turn third parties in puppets of the two main parties. It would also create primary election wars between the two main parties.

-Please vote no on Props 68 and 70. Both of these props are attempts to greatly expand gambling all over California.

-Please vote no on Prop 69. It is the prop that would establish a DNA database of criminals. However, it also attempts to allow DNA collection of some individuals not found guilty of any crimes. I would favor a DNA database if it did not have that provision.


Anonymous said...

Dna, although it has been useful in overturning cases and people set free from prision. I do think its a big brother and avasion of privacy in the deepest degree. What a database that will be how many people a year are arrested for DUI? The few unruly protestors? What about a person arrested on matching a description then later released. What next? DNA collection of every child born? Would you know if your newborn dna was taken ..I think not.-not me.

fcsuper said...

I know the slippery-slop arguement well. However, I do believe in our system. Besides, all DNA can be allowed to be used for is to determine if you were somewhere you shouldn't have been (or weren't the person who was). If DNA used for any other purpose at all, I would agree with you.