Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Tool concert; girls girls girls

[I've thought about adding this story to my blog a few times, but it's pretty raunchy. Well, here's my attempt to clean it up a bit, just so it's out there. Also, it should be noted that this story doesn't represent the norm for my life...it just a brief series of events.]

Ok, so these two cute girls from around the way couldn't go to the Tool concert, so they sold me their tickets. Actually, I had to perform a "favor" for one of the girls before she gave me her ticket (oh, the horror of it all! lol). I guess with that kind of start to this episode, I should've expected things to get as crazy as they did. Anyways, the concert was a general admission event at a college stadium back in 1998. I took my roommate. He was a playa who moved here from Hawaii with his girlfriend. He had just broke up with his girlfriend.

We got to the stadium and took some seats near the far end in a nearly vacant section. I noticed that the stadium had something like three guys to every girl. I thought, "Shit, this sucks!" My mind was changed when these three hot chicks sat right behind us.

The tallest hottie started playing with my roommate's cap. Then the little cutie behind me started messing up my hair. We all started hittin' it off. I asked for and got the little cutie's number. It was amazing that we were the ones being hit on because there were hardly any chicks at the venue. We hung out together throughout the opening band's set.

Once Tool came on, we all went our separate ways into the mass of fans on the main floor. The little cutie wanted to meet up after the concert, but I was like, "It's going to be impossible to find each other afterwards, I'll call you later in the week." (This is back before everyone had a cellphone.) She looked frustrated, but hey, whattaya going to do?

The crowd was dense throughout the main floor. For awhile, I was in the middle of the floor. This one girl recruited a few guys to put up a perimeter to help her avoid the unavoidable (a lot of the guys walking through the crowd head for the chicks to check-out, bump and sometimes grope them). I helped defend her for awhile.

I noticed this one fine-ass chick in the crowd nearby. She was a hot little firecracker with a tight and thin hard body and this awesome set of...ok, I've already said she was fine-ass. :) She was wearing tight and revealing jeans and top; and had long punkish braided hair. I noticed her move around the crowd, from guy to guy, dancing with them while trying to watch the stage. A couple of the guys put her on their shoulders for while so she could see over the mass. All of a sudden, she was in front of me, facing away towards the stage. While she was dancing feverishly, she backed her ass up into me and just started grinding my crouch. I was wearing jeans, with nufin underneath. As soon as she realized that I was enjoying her maneuver, she started dry humping me as she danced. I didn't move, other than to return the favor. She let me grope her and pull her into me harder. She never looked back at me; never made an attempt at any contact other than the activity at hand. We kept it up when my roommate found me. He was like, "DAMN!" When Tool started playing one of their harder songs, my roommate and I head up to the mosh pit! Bye bye forever, my little firecracker.

Thangs were crazy in the pit. If you have ever gone into a mosh pit, you know; if you haven't, hey try it! ;) I made it all the way up to the center front railing, right in front of the stage, before I was forced back into the moshing mass. Tons of chicks were crowd surfing. Some of them liked all of the hands groping them, and some didn't. Most didn't complain, and a few tried to make several rounds.

After the concert, my roommate and I headed out. It ended up being a very long night of drinking and bragging at one of the local places.

A couple days later, I tried to call that little cutie. Turns out she gave me an old number. I figured that's why she looked frustrated when I told her we couldn't meet up after the concert. She gave me a bogus number early, before she realized she actually wanted to do sumfin with me. Oh well, whattaya going to do? Her ex-roommate at the old number turned out to be another hottie, but that's actually another story. ;)

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fcsuper said...

Alexa (http://www.nyhotties.com/index.html) emailed me and expressed surprise that the little cutie didn't just give me the correct number later. Well just to clarify, the little cutie and I didn't have pens. No one that came with either of us had pens. When I got her number, I had to borrow a pen from a random stranger. Sux, and I wasn't going to do that twice even if she tried. However, this is the incident that taught me to allows come prepared. :)