Monday, April 04, 2005

Happy Camper

I’m a happy camper. After exactly 3 years, I completely paid off my car and am now in possession of the title. Yippie!!! My current car is the first one I’ve not owned outright. I’ve never had an auto loan before, and I hated it. But now, the car is mine!

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Mickey Glitter said...

Congrats! I'm lookin' at the same thing taking place in July, when I finally pay off my little shit-kicker after five years. I've only owned two cars in my life and this is the only one I didn't pay for up front. Of course, the first one, my beloved 1987 Renault Alliance who went by the name of Ally was just that. A 1987 Renault Alliance. I drove that car into the ground and still mourn the day I had to let her go.