Friday, April 29, 2005

I was this close to a bear cub

Where's momma bear?On one of my visits to Kings Canyon, I ran into this bear cub hanging out along side the road. I was riding with a friend when we noticed it. Told her to go slow so we could get some shots. She drove slow enough four us to get for shots, but she was all scared that momma bear was around. I was like, "We are in a moving car. The momma bear isn't going to get us." Secretly, I was hoping the momma bear would show up! Now that woulda been an exciting story. Ich, I'll settle for this quaint story with a nice picture.


Anonymous said...

Oh lets see here about 13 years ago I worked a summer in Sequoia National Park. One thing I still remember is being told over and over never even joke with the visitors about feeding the bears. If someone did and they got injured they could successfuly sue that person and the company vendor.
Are there pictures posted of the distruction bears to do a car if they think food is inside? thats all.. NOT ME

fcsuper said...

Sorry, I don't have pics of that. Sounds like you might. :)