Thursday, September 28, 2023

In-Field Babe Ruth II

A long time ago, I wrote about how I hit an in-field Babe Ruth in a high school softball game. I pointed at the short stop player who taunted me and told him that I was going to hit the ball right at him; and I did just that.  The player was so stunted, he dropped the ball, and I was easily safe at first base. 

Well, I hit another in-field Babe Ruth. It was also a long time ago, but after I wrote about my first in-field Babe Ruth.  (I'm surprised I didn't mentioned in this blog at that time.)  OK, so I hit this second in-field Babe Ruth at a local softball game for a team that was sponsored by my then-employer.  

Babe Ruth calling his shot
Babe Ruth's "called shot" home run

The whole affair was similar to the first time.  I was at bat.  The first base player was taunting me to hit the ball right at her.  She pounded her glove and held it out in front of her.  I pointed at her and say "OK, you asked for it".  I positioned my feet to bias my swing to hit towards first base.  The pitch was made.  I swung and hit the ball exactly were I intended.  It went straight for her glove.

The ball hit squarely in her glove and bounced to the ground.  She was so stunted, she didn't even think to try to pick up the ball until I was already well on my way at full speed heading to first base.  She finally scrambled to pick up the ball.  It was too late. I ran across first base.  Safe!

Sidenote, at that time, the team was known as the Cepheid Xperts.  It appears the team now goes by the name Cepheid Sluggers.

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